Our beds are available for online purchase throughout the United States, excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and some remote areas.

If you are unable to check out, this is because you are in a country, state or area where our Murphy Beds cannot be delivered at the moment.

If that's the case, please contact us at support@livingchy.com and we will provide case by case solutions.

Our products are shipped within 15 to 25 business days.

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or fold-down bed, is a space-saving bed that can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall or inside a cabinet when not in use.

Our Murphy beds are designed with a special mechanism that allows them to be easily lifted and lowered. When not in use, they can be folded up and secured against the wall to maximize floor space.

Absolutely! Our Livingchy soft-opening system with piston mechanism requires minimum effort: all you have to do is initiate the movement and lightly support the front panel.

What's more, our legs deploy simultaneously to minimize handling when opening or closing the bed.

We ourselves do not offer installation, but we do have a partner, Pureinstall.

We also offer two types of installation guides: interactive guides detailing each installation step, with 3D images, and printable PDF manuals.

The number of people recommended for installation is two professionals or qualified people.

Yes, they absolutely need to be mounted to the wall structure.

For installation and to avoid the risk of injury, use only a professional or qualified person (2 people recommended) with knowledge of the wall structure, studs, and components. The bed may be attached to wood studs, metal studs, or masonry wall structures

The recommended mattress thickness is 10 Inches.

The minimum recommended ceiling height for the full-size option is 86".

The minimum recommended ceiling height for the queen-size option is 91".

Yes, they can be installed on either side of the bed. They can even be installed apart.

Our furniture is made of superior-quality melamine made by North-American manufacturers.

We advise using a gentle, dry cloth to dust. Use a cloth dipped in a solution of water and mild detergent to remove spots. Avoid using professional cleaning products or putting wet items directly on your furniture when washing it.

When installed correctly and maintained, Murphy beds are totally safe to use. Follow the provided guidelines, and ensure that your installation is secure.

What's more, Livingchy offers a durable, solid, high-quality piston mechanism.